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The Honorable Jerry Larson presides over Valor Court

Valor Court was established in 2013 with initial Ohio Supreme Court Certification 12/31/2013

Mission Statement

Akron Municipal Court aims to assist veterans with access to programs, treatment and interaction with mentors in a collaborative initiative to enhance chances of success.


Valor Court is a specialized docket that is dedicated to defendants with military service involved in the criminal justice system. The court emphasizes alternative methods with a non-adversarial approach to addressing the court offense. The Valor Court is a two-track model with diversion for non-violent offenses (Intervention In Lieu of Conviction) and non-diversion (Post-Conviction or Probation Track) programs. The program is a 1-year intensive program that includes frequent appearances before the Valor Court Judge, intensive supervision, linkage with the Veteran's Administration system, resource assistance through the Veteran's Service Commission, mental health and substance abuse counseling, frequent and random drug testing, and graduated sanctions and rewards. Participation is voluntary.


Defendants with nonviolent charges within the Akron Municipal Court system may be eligible for admission to this program.

If deemed appropriate by a Judge, the Defendant will be sent to the Probation Department to begin initial screening. The Probation Officer will review the program with the defendant, review his/her military history and complete a summary clinical assessment. At this time, the Probation Officer will request the defendant sign a continuance to the next Valor Court date.

Court Schedule / Location

Valor Court sessions are held in the courtroom of Judge Larson, Room 907 on predetermined Tuesdays at 9:00 am. Treatment team meetings and peer-mentor interaction occur before the court session.


Judge Larson established the Akron Municipal Valor Court in conjunction with Summit County Court of Common Pleas Veteran Court with an opening ceremony on September 17, 2013; the first of its kind in the state of Ohio. "By working together at both the felony and misdemeanor levels, we will provide consistent supervision to the veteran population that we will serve in Summit County," said Judge Larson.

Team Members

  • The Honorable Judge Jerry Larson
  • Valor Court Coordinator Jonathan Groza
  • Probation Officers Tony Ingram and Jeff Sturmi
  • City of Akron Prosecutor's Office
  • Summit County Legal Defender's Office
  • Veteran Justice Outreach Specialist
  • Veteran Mentor Coordinator
  • Akron Police Department
  • Summit County Veteran Commission

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